Leg 3: 9K RUN

Leg 4: 9K Run

The route for leg 4 is unchanged. Click here to view an interactive map

Leg 3 Color is BLUE

Watch for BLUE​​directional signs & BLUE​​ chalk markings on the streets. Run WITH traffic unless otherwise stated.

ROUTE: Start from Reservoir above Lithia Park: Pick up anklet and run around (not across) timing mat: head down Granite Street to a LEFT on Nutley. Run up Nutley to a LEFT on Alnut Street. Run to Strawberry Lane and take a RIGHT. Run up Strawberry to aid station at Ditch trail and take a RIGHT. Run along ditch trail PASSING the first trail on the left and turning LEFT on Scenic Viewpoint trail. Stay right to top of hill. Go past benches on left & right, over top and down trail to a T and take a LEFT. Follow trail over the private driveway back over to Strawberry Ln. CROSS Strawberry Ln. and head up Hitt Rd. Keep running past the green gate at the parking area, up Hitt. Farther up Hitt on RIGHT is the trail Birdsong, take that trail up & down into the cul­de­sac and back to Strawberry Ln (about 3.0 miles) and take a LEFT. Follow road as it turns RIGHT and becomes Westwood.

Run on Westwood to walking bridge on your RIGHT ­ cross there and go up to the cul­de­sac on Sunnyview. Take Sunnyview through three intersections and follow as it veers RIGHT as Grandview. Look for a RIGHT turn back up to the Ditch trail. Follow Ditch trail back over to Strawberry Ln (~4 mi.) and take a LEFT and follow Strawberry back down to Granite St. Turn RIGHT On Granite St. Follow Granite St (past the intersection of Winburn ~ 5 miles) back up to the Reservoir. Cross timing mat on RIGHT side, hand off anklet to Leg 5 racer.

RUNNERS start 9:35 - 11:15am
RUNNERS finish to hand off to Leg 5 MT BIKES by 10:10am - 12:45pm

Mountain bikes can be dropped off and placed in bike racks above the Reservoir at the top of Lithia Park. They will be guarded by a Siskiyou Challenge volunteer on race day only from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

All racers expected at the PRE-RACE MEETING 7:30am at ScienceWorks.