Leg 6: 6K Run

Leg 6: 6K Run

This year's route is unchanged from 2014! Click here for an interactive map.

Leg 6 color is RED

Watch for RED course markings and signs.  Volunteers will be on the course to assist.

Three major crossings: at Morton you cross Siskiyou Blvd and TWICE cross East Main Street. Volunteers will help you but ONLY POLICE can stop traffic, the volunteer will do their best to help you, but they cannot stop traffic. You will be more visible with a volunteer, but you must still think safety first and obey traffic rules. SAFETY  NOTES: Three major street crossings and many many minor ones. At Morton you veer right to the crosswalk and cross Siskiyou Blvd. Running down the alley you cross East Main. Running back to ScienceWorks on the bike path you cross East Main. VOLUNTEERS cannot stop traffic: they will look for your approach and be a pedestrian for you. You will be more visible with a volunteer in safety vest but you must still think safety first and obey traffic rules.

ROUTE: Starts at downhill side of timing chute: pick up anklet and run around (NOT ACROSS) mat to run up GLENVIEW DRIVE, take a RIGHT onto TERRACE STREET and then a LEFT at HOLLY STREET. Cross the intersections carefully on Holly Street, then turn LEFT on MORTON STREET. At Siskiyou Boulevard, turn RIGHT on the sidewalk to the crosswalk, where the TRAFFIC FLAGGER in vest will STOP TRAFFIC FOR YOU. Across the street, turn RIGHT on the sidewalk briefly and then LEFT down the alley. Continue downhill, crossing Blaine Street and continuing on down the alley. At East Main Street a volunteer will be a pedestrian for you: watch for traffic as you both safely cross the street. Head downhill on 8th STREET. Cross the upcoming intersections with care and continue until 8th STREET ends, veer right then on to the bike path. Turn RIGHT on the BIKE PATH and follow it, crossing East Main Street where a TRAFFIC FLAGGER in vest will STOP traffic for you. Thereafter, the path will give you a spectacular view of the finish line at ScienceWorks as you run until you take a take a LEFT at WALKER AVENUE and run past ScienceWorks and then take a LEFT across the lawn through the FINISH LINE, and a party waiting for you!
Welcome back, join the party!

RUNNERS start 10:45am - 1:30pm
RUNNERS finish 11:10am - 2:15pm

All racers expected at the PRE-RACE MEETING 7:30am at ScienceWorks.