Pre-Race Dinner

Siskiyou Challenge festivities start Friday night before the race with a dinner at Emigrant Lake. The dinner goes from 5-7 and gives you a chance to drop your kayak the night before, meet out of town participants and size up the competition!

Registration for the 2017 Siskiyou Challenge Pre-Race Dinner will open when 2017 race registration is launched.

Zero Waste Event - Please bring your own durable utensils, plate, cloth napkin and cup.

To make a reservation - please use the form above, a confirmation email will be sent to include payment details.
Adults $15   |   Big kids $7   |   Little kids $0   |   Whole Family $35

Directions - Drive south out of Ashland on Highway 66, turn left into Emigrant Lake Park on the Emigrant Lake Road. Proceed up the hill (nice view of the lake!) and through the toll booth to Picnic Area A for dropping off a kayak or Picnic Area B for the picnic. They are close together, so you could drop off kayak and walk over to Area A.  See you there!

Note - Both the Picnic and Leg 2 of the race are in Emigrant Lake Park: you don’t need to pay the $4 to enter and park, they will do a car count and charge it to Rogue Valley Farm to School. Donations to help defray the parking costs are welcome and can be made at the dinner or at the RVF2S booth at ScienceWorks on race day. Thank you.