Leg 4: 13K MT BIKE

Leg 5: 13K Mt Bike

This year's route is unchanged from 2014! Click here for an interactive map.

Leg 4 color is YELLOW

Mountain Bikes can be dropped off at bike racks above Reservoir at the top of Lithia Park. Please respect the SOLOS sign, section for solo racer bikes only. Bikes will be guarded by a SC volunteer starting at 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Pick up the anklet from Leg 4 racer, uphill side of the timing mat at the top of the Reservoir above Lithia Park and ride up/North on Glenview. Make a hairpin turn RIGHT onto Ashland Loop Road and settle into your uphill ride, past the change from dirt to pavement and back to dirt. Keep going, past the parking area and THROUGH the green gate that blocks off auto traffic. Ride up to the start of the Toothpick Trail. AT THAT POINT, make a sharp RIGHTt turn, almost a full 180 degrees, and start back down the single track trail. Single track trail crosses Ashland Loop Road, continues as single track and then lands back at the road/parking lot.

**HERE IS WHERE Route CHANGED FROM 2010­2013*** Take Ashland Loop Road back downhill to a well ­marked LEFT turn up a STEEP GRAVEL driveway. (Ashland Loop Road is still dirt at that point; if you get to pavement, you have gone too far.) Turn RIGHT when you come to the Alice in Wonderland single­track trail. Turn LEFT when you come to the BTI Trail and follow it down to the bottom, carefully please! Feel free to walk your bike for safety. Please yield to faster riders. At the bottom of BTI, turn LEFT onto Glenview and head back toward the timing mat. DISMOUNT!!!! And WALK bike across RIGHT side of timing mat. Hand off anklet to Leg 6 racer.

Bikes will be guarded by a SC volunteer starting at 7:00 a.m. until 3:00pm.

MTN BIKE start 10:10am - 12:45pm
MTN BIKE finish 10:45am - 1:30pm

All racers expected at the PRE-RACE MEETING 7:30am at ScienceWorks.