Leg 3: 30K CYCLE

hosted by the Ashland Kiwanis Club

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Leg 3 STARTS at Emigrant Lake and FINISHES at the Transition Area above the swim reservoir in Lithia Park.


Leg 3 color is ORANGE

Look for ORANGE road signs and race course monitors in safety vests.

Look for orange edged road signs and orange arrows on road. Follow traffic laws and obey POLICE. Course monitors will help with safety. START at far side of timing area from lake. First kayaks will finish 8:25a.m. On return part of loop, you will be cycling through active traffic. Think SAFETY first, then race time! Cycle out Emigrant Lake Road to STOP and RIGHT onto HWY 66. Stay on Hwy 66 heading back into town; veer RIGHT at EAST MAIN STREET, up the hill, over the freeway and into town. Pass ScienceWorks and right past the railroad tracks look for the monitor who will help direct you to turn RIGHT on bike path and then another RIGHT onto Mountain. Go down the hill; police will stop cars so you can go straight thru Hersey intersection, stay on Mountain up and over I-5 to a stop and LEFT to stay on North Mountain. Follow to a well-marked LEFT onto EAGLE MILL: follow as it descends under I-5 to a steep and sharp STOP AND RIGHT turn onto EAGLE MILL. Proceed to a RIGHT on BUTLER CREEK, then a LEFT onto EAST VALLEY VIEW to a STOP and RIGHT on NORTH VALLEY VIEW. 
Head back to town with a RIGHT on WILSON and a RIGHT on MYER CREEK. Stop at T and TURN LEFT to retrace EAST VV to a RIGHT on BUTLER CREEK, back over I5 to a TRAFFIC CONTROLLED INTERSECTION. LOOK FOR THE FLAGGER WHO WILL TELL YOU WHEN AUTO TRAFFIC IS STOPPED AND YOU CAN CROSS over to EAGLE MILL ROAD east­bound WITHOUT STOPPING. Follow: it will veer right and become OAK. Stay uphill, police wave you thru Hersey, cross railroad tracks, then a RIGHT on VAN NESS, LEFT on WATER ST. Police will help you cross MAIN ST to the Plaza, head up into park. Continue uphill on Winburn Way to a STOP and LEFT onto Granite Street. Continue uphill, turns to dirt, passes reservoir, after which an immediate LEFT to chute leading to timing area.
DISMOUNT! And walk bike by the timers! Leg 4 Runner begins.
CYCLISTS start 8:45 - 9:45 am
CYCLISTS finish to hand off to RUNNERS to start by 9:35 - 11:00am.
All racers expected at the PRE-RACE MEETING 7:30am at ScienceWorks.
Safety notes for Leg 3 Cyclists - ****hazardous turns:
1.  On Eagle Mill Road after a long downhill, stop and turn RIGHT, staying on Eagle Mill Rd.
2.  Leaving Butler Creek Road, STOP before turning LEFT on Eagle Mill Road.
3.  Riding up Winburn Way in Lithia Park, STOP before turning LEFT on Granite St.