Staging Your Race

Staging Your Race


Packet Pick up: Friday, April 26th 3pm-7pm

Rogue Valley Farm to School Office

223 5th Street Ashland, OR 97520


Let’s talk about how you can set up your gear—smartly and safely—so it’s where you want it on race day!  The race uses three main locations as bases to stage all the legs:


Legs                                         Starting points

Leg 1                                       Science Works

Legs 2 & 3                           Picnic Area B, Emigrant Lake, east of Ashland

Legs 4, 5, & 6               Swim Reservoir above Lithia  Park in Ashland

Schedule for gear drop-off:


Solos:  At every transition, where there are spaces to leave kayak or bikes, a portion of the area will be marked for solo gear. Volunteers will do their best to help you, especially with carrying the kayak. If possible, we recommend that you have a support person who makes your life easier on race day! Many solos, however, do the race just fine without that support person.


Friday 4 p.m. You can bring your kayaks to the lake anytime after 4 p.m. on Friday, April 27th. Follow the signs to Emigrant Lake Picnic Area B (You do not need to pay at the toll booth.) Kayak storage and launching area will be marked, near the dock at north end of  Area B. We will have signage at Area B and someone staying with the kayaks overnight. Suggest that you place your RED bib with your team number in the kayak to minimize confusion on race day.


We highly recommend you drop off your kayak on Friday night or Saturday before 8 am, whether solo or larger team. On Friday or early Saturday you can drive right up to the drop off/launch area. On Saturday starting at 8 a.m., the volunteers will keep you farther from racer areas for safety purposes and you will have to carry your kayak to the launch point.


Friday night: There is no guarded bike storage.


Saturday morning: You can drop off your mountain bike at the Lithia Park transition area starting at 7 a.m. Saturday morning. Bike racks will be set up, and a person in place watching the bikes. SOLO racers will have a separate bike rack set up for their convenience. Volunteers will be at bike rack from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Race times on race day, to plan transitions:


Start times      Start locations for each leg

At Emigrant Lake you do not need to pay at the toll booth!


8:00 a.m.              Leg 1: Cyclists start from Science Works, head out to Emigrant Lake, Picnic Area B

8:25-9:00*           Leg 2: Kayaks start (and finish) at dock and adjacent shoreline, north end of Area B.

8:45-9:45*           Leg 3: Cyclists start from Area B, head out and finish at the swim reservoir transition area at upper end of Lithia Park in Ashland

9:35-11:30*        Leg 4: Trail runners start (and finish) at swim reservoir transition area at upper end of Lithia Park.


10:10-11:50*    Leg 5: Mt bikes start (and finish) at swim reservoir transition area at upper end of Lithia Park.

10:50-2:15*        Leg 6: Runners start from swim reservoir transition area at upper end of Lithia Park.


* Each leg starts

            --When the racer finishes the previous leg, OR

--If a racer is unable to finish a leg, the next leg will be started at the time we learn of a racer dropping out OR at the latest start time written in these notes.





Emigrant Lake: Picnic Area B has tons of parking.

  • On Friday, you can drive right up to the dock area, to unload your kayak directly to the drop-off point.

  • If you’re bringing your kayak on Saturday, you’ll have to park in the parking lot, an easy walk if you’ve already dropped off your kayak!

  • Arriving on Saturday for the race itself, you can park in Area B or even Area A and walk to the


Lithia Park: the roads are “closed” around the Transition Area, so how do you get there? Here are your options:

  1. Park anywhere in the park below the road closures on Granite and Glenview and walk or bike to the transition area.

  2. If you’d rather hitch a ride, vans will be circulating from the Transition Area down to the Lithia Park bandshell and back up. They will have SISKIYOU CHALLENGE posters in their windows: flag them down, they’ll give you a ride. Vans will run continuously from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 or until everyone is up there and back down to their cars.