The Siskiyou Challenge team is grateful for the support of many generous volunteers!  The race depends on more than 100 volunteers to lend a hand starting in Febrary, until a few days after the race.  We would love your help!

If you'd like to volunteer, or are interested in exploring different volunteer options, please fill out this Volunteer Form. 

All volunteers will receive a Siskiyou Challenge t-shirt, fabulous lunch & snacks the day of the race, and our enthusiastic gratitude. 

You can expect our volunteer coordinator to follow up and match you with the best fitting time and task. We're on the lookout for people to help with pre-race marketing, photography, staffing water stations, event set-up & takedown, the racer raffle and more. Some jobs are exclusively on race day while others are ongoing or days before the race. Each task is unique in execution and timing but equal in importance to both the Siskiyou Challenge and Rogue Valley Farm to School.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Event Preparation (Flexible Timing) Beginning as early as February, volunteers can lend a hand to event marketing and coordination.  Whether you’re hitting the pavement hanging up flyers or joining us at race headquarters, we’re grateful for having your support!
Race Packet Assembly (Thursday, April 25th @ 223 5th Street. Approximately 2 hours) Volunteers kick off race weekend festivities with packet assembly at the Farm to School office in Ashland. Many hands make light work!   
Race Packet Pick-Up Crew (Friday, April 26th, 2 - 5 pm @ 223 5th Street) Join SC staff on the eve of the race in distributing race packets to teams! This is the first in-person contact for many racers as they prepare to run the Siskiyou Challenge. Volunteers will greet participants with smiles and their race packet, and answer questions/providing race information.
Starting/Finish Line Set-Up Crew (Friday, April 26th/Saturday, April 27th @ ScienceWorks. Approximately 2 - 4 hours.) Help transform ScienceWorks into Racer Central by setting up banners, tents, tables/chairs, and more.  
Starting/Finish Line Clean-Up Crew (Saturday, April 27th @ ScienceWorks. Approximately 2- 4 hours.) Our Clean-up Crew volunteers help us ensure that we “leave no trace” at Race Central.
Transition Hub Set-up Crew (Saturday April 27th, Granite Street Swimming Reservoir) Help keep the Siskiyou Challenge both organized and fun by volunteering with Transition Hub set-up. Help erect tents, tables, and signage to keep the Hub running smoothly.
Race Leg Captain: Take on a leadership role within the Siskiyou Challenge by becoming a Race Leg Captain! As Race Leg Captain, you will oversee a team of volunteers for a given leg of the racecourse on the day of the event, ensuring that folks arrive in their positions safely, on time, and oriented. This role is a great fit for someone representing a group, company, or organization.
Race Course Monitors (Saturday, April 27th, 2 - 5 hours) Course Monitors are our eyes and ears on the race course! As a Course Monitor, you will be strategically located along a route of the race, where you will cheer on racers, direct them when necessary, and report any incidents to your Team Leg Captain.   
Timing Crew (Saturday, April 27th, 3 - 5 hours) The Siskiyou Challenge utilizes the services of a professional timing company to oversee racer finish times. Volunteers support the timing company by by ensuring racers have a clear path to the timing chute, as well keeping written records.
Hospitality Crew (Saturday, April 27th, 2 - 5 hours)  It’s important to us that everyone –– from our racers, to our sponsors, to our volunteers –– feel taken care of throughout the Siskiyou Challenge. Our Hospitality Crew helps make that possible by keeping food supplies stocked, gear protected, and musicians supported. We have hospitality teams based at ScienceWorks as well as the Transition Hub.
Photographers/Videographers (Saturday, April 27th, 2 - 5 hours) We love our event historians! No matter where you are on the race course, documenting the day’s festivities means a lot to us - and our racers.

Zero-Waste Team  (Saturday, April 27th 2-5 hours) We are committed to keeping the Siskiyou Challenge a zero-waste event. Volunteers help keep this possible by overseeing our Zero-Waste Zone, helping to ensure things are properly sorted, composted, and recycled.

If you have any further questions, please contact outreach@rvfarm2school.org